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First United Methodist Church of Colleyville

Phone Number: (817) 281-5254

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Why We Serve

Service and missions are truly the core of Christian action in the world. FUMC of Colleyville has a wonderful tradition of reaching out to those in need throughout Tarrant County and on a global level. We serve by offering our time and through our giving, and both make an important difference in the life of God’s people who need loving support. We believe that it is important to serve both within the community of faith, helping raise the next generation of believers, and to get involved outside the walls and boundaries of church so that others may come to experience the grace and love of Christ that we have been blessed with. Serving is a key to living the life Christ calls us to live, and to feeling blessed by all that we have. We are blessed to be a blessing to others!


Our love and caring outreach does not stop at the city, county or state line. First United Methodist Church is proud to be a 5 Star Global Mission church. Practically every day the people of FUMC Colleyville are actively working towards making our community and our world a better place for all of God’s people.

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Local Church Opportunities

Come lend your talents, skills and passion to growing our church! We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that will fit almost everyone’s interests and schedule.

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One of the greatest ways we can serve is through our giving. When we faithfully give to the ministries of Jesus Christ, through the church, we make a difference in the lives of those locally, and globally. There is no way any of us individually could offer ourselves as much as our collective giving can support.

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